What is an EV Charging Station?

An EV Charging Station is equipment that connects an electric vehicle to a source of electricity to recharge electric cars.
Other common names for charging stations:
Electric Charging Point:
Charging Point
Charge Point
ECS, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)
Charging Outlet
Charging Plug
Charge Port


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    Benefits of Home Charging for Electric Vehicles:

    – Energize the battery power in just a few hours within the comfort of your home.
    – Receive a full charge of battery power overnight while sleeping.
    – Major additional upgrades not required for home charging installation. 

    Echo Electrical Services has the tools and information to provide your EV charging station install. 

    Give us a call at 817-766-5995 and our Master Electrician can help you decide which connector is suitable for your needs and discuss any additional upgrades to create proper power level. EV wall charging device is connected to a dedicated 240 volt circuit which is similar to your typical major appliance voltage. 

    When it’s time to replace those outlets….

    Level 1

    Level 1 uses the charger included with the electric vehicle. Level 1 chargers can be plugged into a standard 120V outlet. *8-15 hours recharge time*

    Level 2

    Level 2 chargers do not come with the electric vehicle and are sold separately and the typical plug you install in your home garage. Level 2 chargers use a 240V outlet and the most recommended charger. *3-8 hours recharge time*

    Level 3

    Level 3 is known as DCFC (DC Fast Charge) and the fastest way to charge electric vehicles. Not all EV cars are able to use a DCFC charger. *20 minutes – 1 hour recharge time*

    EV Charging Connectors

    Nema 515
    Nema 520

    Level 1 Charge

    Port J1772

    Level 2 Charge

    Nema 1450

    Level 2 Charge


    Level 3 Charge

    SAE Combo CCS

    Level 3 Charge

    Tesla HPWC

    Level 2 Charge

    Tesla SuperCharger

    Level 3 Charge