Back-Up Power: Emergency Generator Services For DFW

Echo Electrical provides solutions for their customers when an unwanted occurrence strikes—losing electricity can leave you in a situation that can feel hopeless and without power for an unknown amount of time. By trusting in Generac Generators, you can protect your power and prevent interruption to your service. Whether to protect your home needs or maintain sufficient backup power for your business during outages, Generac generators provide a sense of security and self-reliance and reduce costly losses and inconvenience.

Over 30 years of providing electrician experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We understand the importance and urgency of ensuring our customers are satisfied and find comfort in knowing we’ve got your back.


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    Echo Electrical Is #1 In Texas Power Outage relief

    Services we provide

    • Full-service installation
    • Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Warranty Service for your existing Generac Generators

    During the summer and winter, unpredictable changes can leave you without electricity. Echo Electrical is a DFW Generac Dealer and can sell any Generac products providing you with a backup power solution.

    Residential and Commercial

    We are qualified licensed electricians that provide full-service installation in residential and commercial areas. Our goals are to provide customer satisfaction and respond to your needs promptly and efficiently.

    Certified Service Technicians

    We ensure our certified technicians understand and have the proper knowledge to assist you with your Generac needs. Our skilled technicians provide maintenance, troubleshooting, and warranty services within the local radius.

    Air Cooled Generators

    #1 Selling Backup Home Generator
    22-26 kW
    24/7 Remote monitoring
    Extended warranty

    Transfer Switches

    Extended Warranty
    Safe Transition
    Automatic or Manual
    Effortless Connection