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Popular Lighting Services

Ambiance Enhancers:

Chandelier Installation
Light Dimmers
Light Conversion

Functional Lighting:

Task Lighting
LED Lighting
Fluorescent Lighting

Safety & Security:

Motion Sensing Lights
Occupancy Sensor Lights
Security Lighting
Photo Sensing Lights

Outdoor & Scenic:

Landscape Lighting
Parking Lot Lights
Outdoor Lighting

Upgrades & Repairs:

Ballast Replacement
Bulb Replacement
Light Repair

Specialized Services:

Light Audits
Low Voltage Lights
Ceiling Fan Lights, and more!

Features at Echo Electrical

Indoor Lighting

Illuminate your interiors with our diverse range of lighting options.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance exteriors with functional and aesthetic lighting solutions.

Landscape Lighting

Highlight your garden's beauty and pathways with precise lighting.

Security Lighting

Ensure safety with our potent and effective security lighting.