Commercial Electrical Services | DFW Metroplex

The licensed electricians at Echo Electrical are trained to handle any job, whether installation, maintenance, or upgrading electrical systems and facilities. 

We are specialists in wiring and electrical systems – in large buildings like offices, shopping locations, government buildings, local businesses, etc. 

Electrical issues cost businesses time and potential lost revenue. We stay up to date with changes to the National Electrical Code and new energy-efficient technologies so that your business can do what it does best without interruption to service or ongoing nagging electrical problems.

Let us provide solutions and be your trusted electrical contractor partner.

We specialize in a variety of electrical services for commercial areas in DFW, including

Planning Electrical Systems for New Facilities

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire Marshal & Code Correction

Lower Energy Consumption 

Emergency Electrician

Installing / Maintaining, Wiring Electrical Systems & Parts

Outlets & Switches

Electrical Breaker Panels

Exhaust Fans

Surveillance Camera Power Sources

Security Door Wiring

Interior & Exterior Lighting Installation for Commercial Properties 

Electrical Grounding Techniques & Surge Protection

Underground Services 

Conduits / Extend Conduits



Water Damage Repairs

Emergency Generator

Portable Generators

Safety Systems

Power Assessment

Transfer Panel

30+ years of Electrical expertise

What we do today echoes in the future! 


It's crucial to ensure our customers are happy when they leave our hands - we maintain a professional business. 


We make every electrical opportunity our top priority here at Echo Electrical Services.


Projects are planned, tracked, and managed according to the service requested.  For new or small installs, we take care of each task efficiently.  


Check out our 5-star reviews below  for feedback from local customers about their experiences.