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Are your electronics protected?

Whole Home Surge Protection

Texas experiences unpredictable lightning/thunderstorms. When lightning strikes a home it can cause some major damage to electrical wiring and power surges throughout your entire home and possibly spark a fire. 

  • The first step to take after lightning strikes your home is call the fire department and have them inspect your home. 
  • Second step is to call your homeowners insurance agency to inform them that your home has been struck by lightning. 
  • Finally, be sure to call Echo Electrical Services, Inc. to check all wiring and fuses in the home. 

 Taking advantage of this surge protector reduces the risk of fire as it is often associated with a large surge. 

Installed and connected directly to your electrical panel for only $375! 

(Per electrical panel. Typical homes have one panel.)

Protect Your Electronics Now

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**Comes with a limited manufacture’s guarantee to replace up to $25,000.00 of damaged electro-mechanical equipment per occurrence. Please see their included information for details.**

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