Commercial Services

Complete electrical services for Commercial properties.

New Construction and Remodel

Echo's electricians are dedicated to providing project details that keep you updated on each phase. We guarantee every project managed is completed on time and every connection is more than satisfactory. Let us partner as your electrical contractor. Click Here for Proposal.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance

We understand the importance of company production and customer satisfaction. All electrical devices require the proper energy and components which is why Echo's electricians continue to stay educated with updated electrical codes and new energy efficient devices. List of Commercial Services.

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Maintenance and Repair

Circuit Breaker Panel

  • Blown Fuse
  • Damaged Wires, Loose Wire
  • Water damage, Leakage to Panel
  • Overloaded Panels
  • Improper Wiring
  • Tripped Fuse
  • Fuse Replacement
  • Panel Replacement, Panel Upgrade
  • Change Circuit Designation


  • LED Lights
  • Flood Light
  • Street Lights
  • Canopy Lights
  • Task Lighting | Low Voltage Lighting | Line- Voltage Lighting
  • Light Conversion Kit
  • Dimmers
  • Light Sensors (Motion Sensor, Photo Sensor, Occupancy Sensor)
  • Convert Lights to LED
  • Light Switch Repair
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Exit Sign, Emergency Sign
  • Lamps, Ballast

Wiring | Voltage Power

  • Phone Jack Repair, Phone Jack Install
  • Install Network Cables | Extend Cables
  • Appliance Wire Repair
  • Repair Heating Unit / A/C Unit
  • Repair Electrical Outlets | Install Outlets
  • Production Wiring
  • Ceiling Fan Wire Repair | Industrial Fan Repair
  • Fire Alarm | Smoke Alarm | Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Internal System
  • Projector, Screen
  • Power Poles

Complete Electrical Services

Every Commercial and Industrial electrical request includes a detailed proposal, code compliance, rough and final inspections, licensed electricians, and clear communication between our company and yours to keep you up to date on each phase throughout the project. 

If you need more service information feel free to contact us.

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"The work y'all did is great."

"Everything is fantastic. Brandon does amazing work, and it's perfect. I've known him for about ten years or so and I appreciate all he has done." 

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Additional Services





Extend Conduits

Water Damage Repair

Underground Electrical


Emergency Generator

Portable Generator 

Safety System for Backfeed

Backup Generator Power Assessment

Transfer Panel | Sub-Panel

Manual Transfer Switch | Auto Transfer Switch


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